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Chasing The Sun

One thing that bugs me as a photographer is the time wasted looking for that perfect shot, or any decent shot for that matter. Last night was one perfect example. A few days ago I had driven past a field of hay bales that had beautiful Bredon Hill in the background. It would have made a great picture but I didn’t have my camera with me and the lighting wasn’t good enough.

So last night the colours in the sky were beginning to look sweet as the evening began to close in so I grabbed my camera bag and jumped in the car. The field in question was only 15 minutes drive away but as I was approaching, the sun began to drift behind possibly the only cloud in the evening sky. It’s like the sunset sucks all the remaining clouds towards it and sends the landscape into shadow. Drat.

On top of that when I reached the field I found the farmer had already taken the hay bales away, leaving nothing but a field of stubble. In shadow. Great.

Sometimes you can find a scene which is perfect for photography but other times like this, frustration is the order of the day as you chase the sun and try to catch the landscape in the beautiful golden light that makes a shot that little bit extra special. You win some you lose some. All I know is that I’ll never give up because photography is a passion that just cannot be quelled.


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