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Photography has expanded at such a rate of knots since the advent of digital cameras that sometimes when I’m browsing the web at fellow photographer’s galleries it just seems like I’m looking at the same stuff over and over again.

Then you come across a photographer who has created something unique, which is very rare these days. Maybe it’s a creative processing technique or a new way of looking at things. The thing is, photographers who stand out from the crowd are talked about. They create a sub niche all of their own. 

Staying ahead of the pack and being visible in a deep sea of images is very difficult for the majority of people so you need to think differently, as Apple famously said. Step out of the box, rip it up and start again. I’m not going to tell you how to do it, if it were that easy it wouldn’t work! You may come across uniqueness by accident and fair play to you if you do. You may just need to meditate on how to create that inspiring spark from behind the lens, dropping what is tried and tested and exploring visuals from another angle entirely.

It’s the only thing we can do to stay one step ahead. Get creative, inspire your fellow photographers and show us what you can do. It will be worth it!


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I’ve just come across a photographer from Denmark who has a really great collection of images in his portfolio. Having spent a while looking through his collection at Moodaholic I found his style refreshing and inspiring. In his own words:

“The purpose of my photoblog is to maintain a fair playground with my own rules. The rules do shift over time. Lately the rules are to try making the most in camera on location, though all possible adjustment through RAW is allowed – just like the old dark room.”

He’s won a few photography awards including the Best European Photoblog at the Photoblog Awards 2006, the Best Western European Photoblog at the 2007 Photobloggies and a Weekly Pic-k award over on VFXY Photos.

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This is a photo I took a few years back on an early morning walk down to the river – I call it Riverline. To me this is one of those hidden gems you find as a photographer that you come across in your vast image library that may have been forgotten.

I really like this photograph – the colours and subdued and the fogginess of the scene adds to the atmosphere of the picture. The composition is good and the simpleness of the scene strikes me. I once did  a canvas print of this for a customer and it looked really nice. What do you think of it? Perhaps a bit more saturation would help? Do you have any images you have forgotten that are worth digging out?

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the new images you take as a photographer, especially if you don’t have a good system to keep them all organised.

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Dreaming of Daisies

Dreaming of Daisies

This is one of my favourite art pieces I have created recently and was ‘constructed’ using two different photos of daisies, one a close-up and the other a group of daisies.

The image has many different textures added to it to create an artistic rendition of a field of daisies. The textures and effects were made in Photoshop with various filters and texture files overlaid as separate layers. These had masks applied and other filters and layer blends added which has given the piece the deep tones and rustic feel.

After getting a Photobox print to check it looked good enough I got it printed on a large canvas and it looks absolutely stunning on the wall! You can purchase this piece of art yourself as a wall print here from the Fotoviva Art Prints online gallery.

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Photo Upload

 Driving South

Some of the posts here on karmasix will be photographic work I have done myself as I am a semi-professional photographer and love to ‘play’ with Adobe Photoshop whenever I can. It’s such a powerful piece of software that you are only limited by your imagination or knowledge of the application when processing your work. Doing a search for ‘Photoshop Tutorials’ will bring up a whole truck-load of inspiring things you can do with Photoshop layers, filters and other tricks.

This work is called ‘Driving South‘ and was taken down a quiet road in west Wales a few years back. It has had a kind of cross-processing applied to it which has created a brown and green theme. A subtle zoom blur was also applied and after much experimenting this is the final processed picture.

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