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Joel Sartore Stingray

Wildlife photography is a niche form of photography that is not practiced by all photographers as it is quite challenging and requires high patience and endurance levels. The main task of a wildlife photographer is to capture stunning pictures of animals and the wildlife in general. There are some extraordinary places in the world that serve as the best places to shoot wildlife photos for many aspiring as well as professional wildlife photographers. One such place is the Bristol Zoo Gardens which is found in England.

The Bristol Zoo Gardens in England is home to more than four hundred and fifty different species of endangered animals that come from all different parts of the world. At this zoo, one can easily find different species of reptiles, Asiatic lions, birds, butterflies, gorillas as well as monkeys. People who come to visit this zoo are also entertained by the animal show which the zoo curators conduct as a part of the yearly festival. (more…)


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