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I recently came across a website by photographer Simon Kitchin who specialises in mountain and coastline photography in the UK, and especially North Wales. Simon’s website landscapephotographyuk provides a nice set of galleries with some great landscape shots of areas such as the Isle of Anglesey coast, North Wales Coastal, and the Mountains and Lakes of the UK which include photographs of Buttermere Lake in the Lake District.

The feedback Simon receives in his guestbook just goes to show how well his photography and knowledge of the areas he walks is appreciated. With comments like “When I first clicked on I was greeted to the most awesome scene and when I delved deeper was stunned by your work……wonderful to say the least.” he must be inspired to add to his portfolio.

Being a photographer I appreciated his Locations and Articles pages where he lists websites that provide more information about the areas he has visited, along with information for the photographer in particular. This is helpful for those photo trips around the UK and can help you plan a route rather than wander around aimlessly looking for the best scenery and walks.

All in all a useful site with some great landscape photography which help to show what a beautiful island we live on! Keep up the good work Simon 🙂


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Photography has expanded at such a rate of knots since the advent of digital cameras that sometimes when I’m browsing the web at fellow photographer’s galleries it just seems like I’m looking at the same stuff over and over again.

Then you come across a photographer who has created something unique, which is very rare these days. Maybe it’s a creative processing technique or a new way of looking at things. The thing is, photographers who stand out from the crowd are talked about. They create a sub niche all of their own. 

Staying ahead of the pack and being visible in a deep sea of images is very difficult for the majority of people so you need to think differently, as Apple famously said. Step out of the box, rip it up and start again. I’m not going to tell you how to do it, if it were that easy it wouldn’t work! You may come across uniqueness by accident and fair play to you if you do. You may just need to meditate on how to create that inspiring spark from behind the lens, dropping what is tried and tested and exploring visuals from another angle entirely.

It’s the only thing we can do to stay one step ahead. Get creative, inspire your fellow photographers and show us what you can do. It will be worth it!

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