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In a word, no!  What you get with free websites is peanuts. Except of course the sublime WordPress which has a vibrant community attached to it that can ensure great exposure for your site.

However, other free service providers will usually be subdomains or use redirect scripts to ensure you receive very little in the way of promotion or search engine ranking.

Every business these days needs a website, especially photographers. It’s such a great way to show off your photography with beautiful gallery slideshows. Just don’t waste time building your business website on free template driven drivel. Spend a bit and do it properly. There’s nothing worse than a photography website that looks amateurish. This makes you look like you don’t really care about your photography business.

What you can do with any free website you have is direct it to your real site. I have done this in a few places. My ISP offers free webspace. I have directed it to my canvas print site and again to my acrylic printing site (note the use of anchor text which helps the search engines link the sites together and understand what they are about).

So use your available resources wisely. They won’t have a great impact but every little bit helps in the grand scheme of things.


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